Clear vision set for the future of the Sturgeon Valley


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Clear vision set for the future of the Sturgeon Valley

Nearly a year after the process began, on September 14, 2021, Sturgeon County Council gave final approval to three bylaws that establish the future direction for the Sturgeon Valley area.

Known as the Our Future Valley project, the three bylaws include amendments to the County’s Municipal Development Plan, the Sturgeon Valley Core Area Structure Plan (ASP), and a new Sturgeon Valley South Area Structure Plan.

“By working with our residents, regional partners, and investors, we have been able to create a plan that respects existing development and identifies new opportunities for the Sturgeon Valley,” said Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw. “And while this is the end of one process, it is also the beginning of another process that will include more specific standards and public consideration of specific neighbourhood plans. We look forward continuing to work with everyone in the Valley to help realize this new vision.”

The updated planning documents outline areas for new residential development, future infrastructure and transportation requirements, as well as new commercial and industrial employment areas.  Within each area, policies have been included that serve to respect existing residential and environmentally sensitive areas. They also include specific requirements that development density be transitioned or buffered between existing and future neighbourhoods.

The plans also reflect residents’ desire for more trails and access to greenspaces, while maintaining the unique heritage of the area. They further establish principles to honour what was heard during the consultation process, adhere to Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) policies on development density and other factors, and provide a clear and transparent planning pathway for land developers.

As the Sturgeon Valley borders on the cities of Edmonton and St. Albert, as well as CFB Edmonton, the proposed plans had to be referred to the EMRB for review and approval before Council could give final reading to the bylaws.

Although the ASPs create the future vision for the Valley, adoption of the plans is only one step in the planning process and residents will continue to be directly engaged as future developments and neighbourhoods are proposed.

The Our Future Valley project was launched in 2020 to engage the public and key stakeholders to prepare plans to guide the responsible future growth in the Sturgeon Valley. Valley residents and local developers participated in multiple online sessions, surveys, and other engagement opportunities to provide feedback into the entire process.

An overview of the process and the new plans and bylaws are available at

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