Sturgeon County and Strathcona County Discuss Collaboration on Strategic Broadband, Investment, and Environmental Priorities


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Sturgeon County and Strathcona County Discuss Collaboration on Strategic Broadband, Investment, and Environmental Priorities

On April 29, 2021, Strathcona and Sturgeon County met to discuss ongoing collaboration and service areas across the two municipalities. At the meeting, representatives discussed how they could best work together to ensure continued advocacy for rural broadband, infrastructure investment and funding, and how each municipality can collaborate and share best practices on their environmental priorities.

“Sturgeon and Strathcona County not only share a border, but also many of the same issues, including the need for faster internet, sufficient infrastructure, and a solid environmental framework,” said Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw. “With this second meeting, we are building momentum to tackle these challenges, not just as individual municipalities but with municipalities who have common challenges.”

“Our two municipalities are linked through the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board and the Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association. Sitting at another table together enables us to explore opportunities for unique subregional solutions and also learn from each other’s experiences to optimize local service delivery”, added Mayor Rod Frank.

Both municipalities are busy developing strategic approaches to their respective broadband and environmental files, and have committed to sharing information and best practices, and exploring public/private partnerships, grant funding opportunities, and economies of scale to improve quality of life and deliver economic outcomes.  

This was the second meeting of the Strathcona County and Sturgeon County Intermunicipal Affairs Committee (IAC), which was formed to explore collaborative opportunities between the two communities. As a committee, the IAC provides a forum to discuss issues of common interest or concern, such as best practices in municipal operations.

Each municipality is represented by their Mayor and two members of Council.  Mayor Rod Frank, Councillor Brian Botterill and Councillor Robert Parks are the appointed members representing Strathcona County, and Mayor Alanna Hnatiw, Councillor Neal Comeau and Councillor Wayne Bokenfohr are representing Sturgeon County.

The next IAC meeting is scheduled for July 7, 2021.  

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