Shoulder Pull Program

The Shoulder Pull Program for 2016 is now complete. Projects not completed in 2016 will be carried forward for the proposed 2017 Shoulder Pull Program. If you have any questions regarding these projects please contact Transportation Services at (780) 939-8252.



• To save the integrity and structure of the road without having to do a full reconstruction of the roadway; and to bring the road to the desired x-section and to improve drainage

• Bring the gravel material from the ditches back onto the road, working and packing the material into the road surface

• Approach culverts may be replaced or cleaned out and the area around them

• The road surface will be brought to design width of approximately 7-8 meters

• Ditch drainage will be improved and the crown will be brought back to the road surface

• Improve the x-section

• Improve the drainage

• The road will look narrow as the pushed sections are brought back to proper x-sections

• Slopes will appear to be steeper due to the new x-section and the removal of vegetation

• Gravel will be placed the first year (40mm)

• Additional gravel placed the second year (20mm)

Unfortunately, you may experience unavoidable inconveniences as a result of this road construction. Road closures, detours, slower moving traffic, rougher road conditions and higher noise levels may occur. Please slow down and use caution when driving through this area. Obeying all road signs, speed limits and traffic control personnel will keep both yourself and road crews safe. Sturgeon County appreciates your understanding and cooperation and apologizes for any inconveniences that may occur while road construction is being completed.

LOCAL ROAD SHOULDER PULL PROGRAM (Tentative Schedule - weather permitting)

Township Road 572: From Hwy 38 to Range Road 220 Complete
Township Road 572 From Hwy 38 to Range Road 214 Complete
Township Road 572 From Range Road 230 to Range Road 231 Complete
Township Road 580 From Hwy 2 to Range Road 255 Complete
Range Road 262 From Hwy 642 to Township Road 554 Complete
Township Road 552 From Hwy 44 (Range Road 264) to Range Road 270 Complete
Township Road 552 From Hwy 2 to Range Road 255 Complete
Range Road 264  From Hwy 642 to Township 562 Complete 
Range Road 233 From Township Road 552 to Township Road 554 Complete
Range Road 263  From Hwy 633 to Township Road 544 Complete
Township Road 554 From Range Road 270 to Range Road 272 2017
Range Road 272  From Hwy 633 to Township Road 540 2017 
Range Road 252  From Coalmine Road to Bellerose Drive  2017
 Range Road 252A Legal Alfalfa Rd – Hwy 651 north approximately .9 km  2017