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Budget 2022: Future Ready

In 2022, Sturgeon County will invest more than $130 million towards better roads, future growth, and a safer, healthier community. 

Budget 2022 will:

  • continue to focus on critical infrastructure to ensure County residents and businesses are mobile through good quality roads, bridges and drainage needs. It will also focus on enhancing public safety areas like fire protection services, rural crime and community outdoor recreation opportunities that support residents’ well-being. 
  • lay the groundwork for future economic development opportunities across the County including initiatives to lower emissions like solar, hydrogen and oil and gas commodities both domestically and globally.
  • develop a strong foundation to ensure Sturgeon County’s longer-term financial sustainability well into the future. More specifically, it provides a well-balanced plan by investing in high quality and essential services for our residents and businesses in a cost efficient and financially sustainable way.
The consolidated budget, which includes both operating and capital activities, provides for planned spending of $130.6 million. For context, the average spending from 2017 to 2020 in Sturgeon County was $78.8 million.

Review the 2022 Budget Book


Budget 2022 highlights

  • $1.4 million for Economic Development and Competitiveness
    • Including $700,000 for growth related planning, including the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), Utility Waterline Expansion – Feasibility, and the Sturgeon Valley Growth Financial Analysis.
  • $1.4 million Infrastructure Management and Modernization
    • $0.4 million investments in open spaces (outdoor recreation) implementation initiatives, which are linked to the Community capital investments below.
  • $1.4 million for Operational Efficiency and Sustainability
    • Including $300,000 for priority operational initiatives including: Digital Permitting Platform & Customer Experience, GIS, disaster recovery plan (DRP) and by completing further work to establish a catalogue of current service levels to support future County operational and budget planning. 
  • $57.2 million to build or maintain roads and other vital infrastructure
    • $44.9 million or 78% in Transportation
    • $5.5 million or 10% in Internal (e.g. business operation facilities and vehicle and equipment fleet)
    • $3.2 million or 6% in Externally and Self-Funded (Utilities), or Mandated Programs
    • $2.4 million or 4% in Community (e.g. infrastructure and assets open to the public such as parks and open spaces)
    • $1.2 million or 2% in Public Safety
  • Transportation project highlights:
    • $8.0 million Meadowview Drive – Phase 2
    • $4.8 million Range Road 234 – Township Road 560 to Hwy 28 
    • $3 million Range Road 220 – Township Road 570 to Redwater 
    • $2.9 million Coal Mine Road – Fire Hall Road (252) to Range Road 252, and $1.8 million Range Road 252C - Bellerose Drive to Coal Mine Road
    • Rehabilitation to projects for three subdivisions 
      • $4.6 million Glory Hills Subdivision
      • $1.3 million Fort Augustus Subdivision
      • $1.2 million Sturgeon Crest Subdivision
Budget 2022 is part of the larger 2022 – 2027 Capital Plan that includes $239 million of investments in key infrastructure while maintaining the County’s financial sustainability in the short and long-term.

“In the upcoming year, we will continue to focus on ensuring mobility through good quality roads, bridges and drainage in Sturgeon County. Budget 2022 also helps us enhance public safety and outdoor recreation opportunities while laying the groundwork for future economic development growth across the County.”

--  Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw

Budget 2022: Key Points

  • Debt capacity forecast to remain below 50% of the legislated debt limit
  • Financial reserves projected to meet capital investment funding requirements within the 6-year capital plan
  • Long-term tax rate impacts of debt servicing remain below 1%

Does Budget 2022 include a tax increase?

Yes. In 2022, Sturgeon County residents and business will pay 1.8 per cent more than in 2021. This increase is attributed to $1.5 million in extra costs the County must pay under the new provincial police funding model.

This is the first tax rate increase in four years in Sturgeon County and would add approximately $26 to an annual residential tax bill, based on the average home value of $400,000.

New costs and external pressures

Additional external financial factors such as inflation, changes to provincial programs, increases to regulatory requirements, and regional growth has meant Sturgeon County has had to use reserve funds and re-prioritize existing tax funding. These include:

  • Strategy and Competitiveness
  • Targeted Growth
  • Innovation and Opportunity

  • Externally or Self-funded,  and Mandated Programs
  • Transportation 
  • Public Safety
  • Community 
  • Internal

  • Improved Process and Enhanced Services
  • Keeping Pace
  • Regulatory Requirements

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