Micro-Surfacing Noroncal Subdivision


Micro-Surfacing Noroncal Subdivision
Robert Daly
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Micro-Surfacing Noroncal Subdivision

This summer, the following roadways are undergoing maintenance with the application of micro-surfacing:

  • Division 1: Subdivision of Noroncal, 1.69 km (Entire subdivision)
  • Division 3: Calahoo, 2.57km (Range Road 275 and Lac Ste. Anne Trail)
  • Division 5: Excelsior Road, 5.75km (Highway 28 to Benjamin Road)
  • Division 5: Dreamnook Estates, 1.9km (Entire subdivision)

Cost: A total of $690,000 is budgeted for the project, which includes all four locations:


What is micro-surfacing?

Micro-surfacing is the application of a special coating to the top layer of asphalt.

Learn more about the micro-surfacing process here.


Information Session

An information session was held on May 20, 2021.

You can see a PDF copy of the presentation from the meeting, or watch the recording of the session hosted on YouTube.


Project Update

August 2021

Project is complete.