Sturgeon County launches new logo


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Sturgeon County launches new logo

Rebrand focuses on values of opportunity, ambition, community values, wide open spaces, and deep roots.

On June 8, 2022, Mayor Alanna Hnatiw revealed the new County brand as part of her 2022 State of the County Address at the luncheon hosted by the St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce. Learn more about the new Sturgeon County brand

“Our new brand is an exciting story of what differentiates Sturgeon County, a place of opportunity, ambition, community values, wide open spaces, and deep roots,” said Mayor Hnatiw. 

Throughout the rebranding process, Council stressed the importance of recognizing the history of the community.  

“There are people in the County whose families have been here for generations, and we also know that people can become very attached to the community’s brand,” said Mayor Hnatiw. “I believe we struck the right balance of adjusting the brand in a way that is respectful of our history and culture but acknowledges what we have become and how we continue to grow and evolve. 

Brands tell the story about who we are, what we value, and what distinguishes us from other places, and it was time to update our brand to reflect the opportunities and potential of this amazing community.” 

Although the new brand has officially launched as of June 8, 2022, the County will roll out implementation over the next few months on digital and print materials. Council will consider the transition of major assets, such as gateway signage and other County signage as part of the 2023 Budget deliberations. 

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For more information, contact: 

Jackie Sargent, SCMP 
Manager, Corporate Communications 
Ph: 587-983-8257 

Sturgeon County Brand Story 

Thousands of regions feel like a best kept secret. They have big dreams for what could be. Big ideas that get people excited. Big plans waiting to be put into action. But without one key ingredient, they keep spinning their wheels.  

Ambition is the difference between standing by and standing out. Deep down, it’s in us all. The desire to reach our potential. To achieve something meaningful. To make an impact. Of course, living it every day isn’t easy. But resting on our laurels has never been in our DNA. 

Sturgeon County is creating ambitious communities. We start things here. And we’re never satisfied with the status quo. We are closely connected with all our neighbours—and we work together to drive this place forward. 

This place has deep roots. Our communities are made stronger by those who made it home. The First Nations peoples who first marked trails here. The Métis for whom this is an ancestral homeland. And the settlers who have worked the same soil for over a century. Generations of history have gotten us to where we are today. 

We are a place of opportunity. We’re developing diverse industries that take advantage of rich soil, natural resources, and progressive economic ideas. People are innovating across the board—on family farms, in the Industrial Heartland, and in emerging projects like clean energy and agribusiness. The jobs of the future live here, in perfect balance with our rural way of life. 

Over the years, one thing has never changed. Our stunning wide open spaces. From rolling emerald hills to trails running past the icy blue Sturgeon River, this is some of the most beautiful country on Earth. It’s prairie like nowhere else. And it enriches the soul. The day melts away in a deep exhale the moment people arrive. We’re invested in keeping it that way. 

Everything that shapes us is held together by community values. We know our success comes from partnerships—and we work hard at nurturing our connections with small towns, big cities, First Nations and Métis Peoples. In our local communities, we pride ourselves on lending a hand to our neighbours and getting behind their ideas. We take care of each other, whether you just moved in or your family has been here for generations. 

There’s power in ambition. And we welcome everyone who is ready to join us. 

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