Summerbrook Truckfill Station closed for the long weekend


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Summerbrook Truckfill Station closed for the long weekend

Sturgeon County Utility and Waste Management Service is closing the Summerbrook Truckfill Station effective immediately. The closure will continue through the long weekend, and crews will be monitoring the water level. A reassessment will be done on Tuesday, August 2.

The closure is needed to maintain a water level necessary for the County to carry out its operations, and to ensure residents on that line continue to receive their water.

The alternate truckfill locations are:

  • Riviere Qui Barre truckfill - 26421 Twp 554
  • Cardiff truckfill - 85 Mill Road, 25115 Twp 554
  • Allin Ridge truckfill - 54313 Rge Rd 250
  • Villeneuve truckfill - 26503 Hwy 633         


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