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Sturgeon Valley Trail System Gap Analysis

As a response to what was heard while creating the Sturgeon Valley Areas Structure Plan,, Sturgeon County also looked at the Valley’s trail system. The intent of this project was to identify opportunities for better trail connection, especially to key destinations. 

Through the resulting public engagement process the County worked with trail users to prioritize: 

  • Leading principles for planning the trail system 

  • Key destinations for trail users 

  • Existing or aspirational connections to serve users 

What We Heard

The public told the County that their leading principles for the Sturgeon Valley Trails Plan are: 

  • All-season access to trails  

  • Physically separated from traffic 

  • Recreation focused trails that are meandering, scenic 

  • Safe and convenient for kids and older adults 

These principles will be guiding considerations as the full Trails Plan is drafted.  

Key connections were also identified by participants that ran parallel to the Sturgeon River, Bellerose Drive and Sturgeon Road. People feeling unsafe dues to a lack of separation from traffic was listed as the greatest barrier to people using the trail system.  

The full mapping of input including the ratings of the leading principles and desired trail connection can be found in the below What We Heard Summary  

What We Heard Summary – Click to Download 

What's Next?

The County technical team will use this input to develop a recommended Sturgeon Valley Trails Plan. Public Input will be used in combination with a technical analysis, a review of best practices, current County bylaws, as well as Provincial regulations. 

The Sturgeon Valley Trails Plan will act as a blueprint for future trail and connection enhancements throughout the Sturgeon Valley. 

The plan will be completed and presented to Council for approval in November 2021.


Where We Are Now


Phase I
Background Review and Existing Conditions


Phase II
Connectivity Assessment


Phase III
A Path Forward


Phase IV


We reviewed the existing transportation network, identifiedy destinations, and regional connections. This work will be  was compiled into a collection of best practices, trends, case studies, and recommendations for the area. 



Status: Complete Complete Late Summer 2021

This phase  identified the overarching desire lines (where people want to go and how) to, through, and within the area. This was a high-level overview,  based on feedback from trail users in the Valley through a series of informal pop-up events and online survey.

Status: Complete Fall 2021

Information from past public engagements, the pop-ups, and an internal staff workshop has helped identify potential projects (a single or series of gaps grouped in a logical manner). A high-level costing and feasibility of the projects will also be developed and, where necessary, alternative alignments that may need to be explored if significant barriers are encountered.  

Projects are rated based on several factors, including community benefit. Opportunities for funding projects from various sources will also be identified. The plan will be completed and presented to Council in the coming months. 

Status: In-Progress Winter 2021-2022

Based on Councils direction, administration will include the development of park features in the annual capital budget process and continue to pursue grant funding.

Status: Not-Started TBD (If required)

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