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The FUTURE takes FLIGHT in the Villeneuve Airport Area! 

The lands surrounding Villeneuve Airport (ZVL) are prime for new commercial and industrial investment, with the potential to support regional economic growth, diversification, and new jobs.   

The area benefits from tremendous road, rail, and air infrastructure as well as innovative businesses already onsite. The recently approved Villeneuve Airport Area Master Plan (VAAMP) showcases the opportunities to capitalize on existing infrastructure in a way that complements the airport and the rest of Sturgeon County. 

The VAAMP focuses around four themes that research determined could be most appropriate based on existing infrastructure and programs within the county, regionally, and provincially.   

  • Villeneuve Aviation and Aerospace Centre 

  • Villeneuve ecoPark 

  • Villeneuve Agri-Innovation Hub 

  • Great Northern Logistics Hub 

The concepts provide an overall vision of the potential of the region, particularly in the areas of innovation, logistics, and new energy economies.  

With the VAAMP in place, it is time to translate the vision into future-ready strategies as part of a formal Area Structure Plan (a statutory plan that sets specific development policy and creates certainty for new investors) and create the opportunities for the Future to Take Flight in Sturgeon County! 

Engagement activities will take place to collect input from residents and stakeholders on the draft Villeneuve Airport Area – Area Structure Plan.  Interested investors are also encouraged to contact us for more information on planning specifics and opportunities.  

The ‘What’s Next’ chart below provides information on where the project is at, and what opportunities are available for public participation and input.  

Project Timeline


Step 1
Engagement Planning


Step 2
Launch, Update and Draft


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Status: In-Progress In-Progress  Started: December 2021 | Completion: January 2022

Public Information Sessions to update residents on the VAAMP, inform residents of the ASP process and highlight when they’ll be consulted 

Start work on drafting Villeneuve Airport Area – Area Structure Plan  

Status: Not-Started Not-Started: January 2021 | Completion: April 2022

Consult on draft Villeneuve Airport Area – Area Structure Plan  with  local residents and stakeholders. 

Status: Not-Started Not-Started Start: TBC 2022 | Completion: TBC 2022

  • Development of final Villeneuve Airport Area – Area Structure Plan 

  • Formal Hearing Process. 

  • Submission to Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Group for Regional Evaluation Framework 

Status: Not-Started Not-Started Start: TBC 2022 | Completion: TBC 2022

  • Formal Adoption of Villeneuve Airport Area – Area Structure Plan 

  • Approval of Land Use Bylaw amendments 

  • Update to Statutory Plans as necessary 

  • Status: Not-Started Start: TBC 2022 | Completion: TBC 2022 

Status: Not-Started Not-Started Start: TBC 2022 | Completion: TBC 2022

Villeneuve Airport Area Master Plan (VAAMP) 

Sturgeon County has developed a comprehensive Villeneuve Airport Area Master Plan (VAAMP), which was accepted as information by Council during the November 30, 2021, Council Meeting.  The VAAMP is focused on the lands surrounding the Villeneuve Airport. It does not specifically address the airport itself, which has an existing strategic plan, and will not encompass the hamlet of Villeneuve nor restrict ongoing agricultural or resource extraction practices in the area. 

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

If you have any questions about the Villeneuve Airport Area – ASP, please send us an email and let us know!

VAA-ASP Timeline

Early 2022 
Launch of Villeneuve Airport Area - Area Structure Plan project with Public Information Session 

Mid 2022 
Bylaw Considerations, Public Hearings, and Regional Referrals 


Villeneuve Airport Area ASP

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