Sturgeon County - Understanding Property Assessment

Understanding Property AssessmentUnderstanding Property Assessment


The calculated assessments reflect the market value of your property on July 1st, and its physical condition on December 31st of the year prior to the current tax year. You can confirm which characteristics are being compared for your property by visiting the Sturgeon County Viewer, or contact a Sturgeon County assessor directly. All regulated properties in Sturgeon County are valued using the relevant procedures, tables and rates set out by provincial legislation.

For additional details, and explanation about your assessment calculation please contact an assessor at Sturgeon County.


All property in Alberta is required to be assessed using or applying the following:

The legislation specifies the valuation standards to be used, defines the procedures to be used, and puts forth the quality standards to be achieved by assessors in preparation of the assessments. In summary, the legislation requires that non-regulated assessments represent typical market value, be prepared using mass appraisal, and meet the quality standards prescribed by the province in the regulations. Properties assessed using regulated values are Agricultural use land, Railway, Linear property, and Machinery and Equipment.