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Residents get preferred rate for CFB Edmonton Recreation Programs

Sturgeon County Council has opted to continue their partnership with CFB Edmonton. They have authorized a $300,000 grant to the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Edmonton, which will allow Sturgeon County residents access to recreation amenities and programs at a preferred rate.

Sturgeon County currently has a Regional Transit Service Agreement with the City of Edmonton which provides transit to connect riders between the Base and the Eaux Claires Transit Centre in North Edmonton.
Given the lack of demand for transit service, Council made the decision on August 27, 2019 to end the agreement and reallocate the expense within the 2020 base budget toward recreation.

The contribution of $300,000 is reflective of Sturgeon County’s historical support programs. Sturgeon County’s role in Regional Recreation has involved facility provision through grants to community organizations and recreation cost sharing to ensure a range of complementary facilities.

The Edmonton Garrison Fitness Centre is a large-scale recreation complex with a variety of facilities. In addition to the physical amenities, the facility also offers a wide selection of programs, including swimming lessons, martial arts, yoga, Zumba, culinary arts, skating, dance lessons and other programs.


Access to all Edmonton Garrison Fitness Centre facilities, as well as complimentary access to recreation programs at no additional charge. Includes programs such as Yoga, Boot Camps,
Swimming Lessons, Gymnastics, and Martial Arts Additional discounts on services as well as access to our Discounted Ticket Sales

Child:   $40/month
Adult: $60/month
Family: $104/month


A ccess to all Edmonton Garrison Fitness Centre facilities In addition, core members receive discounts on programs and services

Child:   $15/month
Adult: $20/month
Family: $40/month


Sturgeon County residents can register online at