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Host a Block Party! (currently under review)

Sturgeon County’s Block Party program is currently under review.

We are not accepting applications during the review process.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

When residents take initiative to plan activities and make decisions in their area they help to create a sense of pride and belonging in their community. Actively planning a Community Block Party allows community groups, volunteers and community members to inspire those around them to get together and enforce positive change in their community.

Sturgeon County Community Services would like to support this resident centered initiative to help create new and diverse opportunities to build happy, healthy and strong communities.

Sturgeon County will provide both resources and funding of up to $1000 for your Block Party!

Sturgeon County has developed resources to help you plan your neighbourhood block party.


Sturgeon County recently launched a new platform to streamline the process of program registration and block party bookings. To book a Block Party, you'll need to create an account & sign in by clicking here. 



Questions about planning a block party?

Community Services
Ruth Kieser, Community Programmer
Phone: 780-939-8335