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Seniors Advisory Board

Positive and active aging is a strategy to maximize the quality of life and wellbeing of seniors. Seniors benefit from positive and active aging. For seniors, an active lifestyle can prolong independence, extend participation in the labor force and community, help manage chronic illness and prevent poor health. For example an active mind is important in warding off memory loss. Research shows that those who had the most contact with friends and family in their community had less than half the rate of memory loss as those who were isolated or had the least social engagements.

A positive and active approach to aging focuses on recognizing seniors as valuable members of society, who contribute a diversity of skills, knowledge and experiences to their families and communities. Positive and active aging requires an environment that is age-friendly and where seniors have access to programs and services that fulfill their needs and interests.

There are several key factors associated with positive and active aging, including: 

  • Productive, active participation in all aspects of economic, social and community life;
  • Self-reliance/self- determination;
  • Recognition as an active contributing member of society;
  • A positive outlook about self and future;
  • Good physical and mental health and ability to function;
  • Mutually supportive social relationships and contacts;
  • Financial security;
  • Safe and supportive community/environment to live and work;
  • Availability of adequate services and support.

Seniors are a valuable resource to our communities. They are “Top Volunteers”, They have workplace knowledge, technical skills and leadership qualities. Here in Sturgeon County, Seniors from across the region embody stewardship of our nine Senior Clubs. Bon Accord Golden Gems, Redwater Pioneer Club, Gibbons Twilight Club, Legal Sixty Roses, Morinville Rendezvous Club, Mearns St. Charles Angels, Villeneuve Happy Sixties, Calahoo Golden Agers and the Riviere Qui Barre Senior Rockers.

Call To Action:

Get Active
Join a Senior’s Club
Join the library or book club
Mentor a child, youth or newcomer
Meet your neighbors Volunteer
Eat a well- balanced diet
Hydrate Join a church/spiritual resource
Research resources and supports for seniors
Learn new skills i.e. Art or musical instrument Have Fun

Seniors are Cool 
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