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Building & RenovatingBuilding & Renovating

Whether you are considering developing property or renovating an existing home, the permitting process helps assure that your proposed project adheres to applicable county bylaws and statutory plans.

Permits are often required from other agencies as well. Although the county has no jurisdiction in these areas, we can usually assist you through the process. You will require approval from Alberta Transportation if you are within 0.8km (0.5 miles) of the boundary of the right-of-way of a primary highway. To obtain a Roadside Development application, please visit the forms page.

Whether your project requires a development and/or building permit depends on specific criteria, including, but not limited to:

  • safety codes requirements
  • acceptable structure size versus lot size
  • minimum set backs from property line or utility right-of-way boundaries
  • height restrictions

A development permit notification can take up to 40 days. Please keep this in mind and give yourself enough time before expecting to begin your project.

When considering your project, it's best to contact the Planning & Development department at 780-939-8275 or 1-866-939-9303 for assistance before proceeding.

Please visit the forms page to obtain application forms.