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Area Structure PlansArea Structure Plans

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Guided by the MDP, an Area Structure Plan (ASP) provides the planning framework for future subdivision and development at the neighborhood level. The principles and objectives established in each plan guide growth of future neighborhoods or areas of the municipality by setting out general locations for major land uses, major roadways, utility servicing, trail systems and potential population density.

Area Structure Plan Amendment Application
What to Expect? 

Submission of an ASP Application is a complex, public procedure which requires three readings of a bylaw and a public hearing. Depending on the scope of an application, the process required by the Municipal Government Act can take between 5 and ±12 months for a final decision. To improve processing times, Sturgeon County has implemented the following process for applicants to follow. Any delays in providing requested information will affect timelines


To read more about the process, download the Area Structure Plan Application Package and contact Planning and Development with any questions.