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Developing LandDeveloping Land

While the Land Use district determines what type of development can occur on a property, additional information regarding the site, conditions, context and community considerations are required to determine the level of impact on the community. The amount of information required by Sturgeon County Administration depends on the size and type of development.

Development Permits are required for most developments on an individual parcel of land prior to development activity, such as site preparation or building. If development activity has proceeded without a Development Permit, the County may order a “Stop Order” and/or the applicant will be charged double fees. Large development applications, generally where several buildings are being proposed, require a Concept Plan submission.

Concept Plans are used by County Administration to evaluate a development concept that does not include a subdivision process. Concept Plans are the responsibility of the applicant and are reviewed prior to receiving a Development Permit. Concept Plans address and guide development matters such as land use, roads, access, servicing and any other considerations identified by County Administration. For more information regarding Concept Plans, please contact the Planning and Development Department at 780.939.8275.

Development Permit Application Form