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Home Based Business

What is a Home-Based Business? 

A Home-Based Business is a use of land that allows for the operation of an occupation, trade, profession, or craft. In order to operate such a business there must be a home on the property and the business must be operated by the occupants of the home. Home-Based Business are divided into three levels:

Level 1
This business level operates as a home office only and is located within the dwelling. It accommodates only one passenger vehicle being the personal/business vehicle. This level does not include client visits, commercial vehicles, nonresident employees or exterior storage.

Level 2
This business level is conducted within the dwelling and/or accessory building(s). It accommodates limited client/customer visits (check district regulations for limit), two nonresident employees, one passenger vehicle, one commercial vehicle and one trailer. This level does not include exterior storage besides what is required for the storage of allowable vehicles.

Level 3 This business level is conducted within the dwelling and/or accessory building(s). It accommodates limited client/customer visits (check district regulations for limit), four nonresident employees, two passenger vehicles, three commercial vehicles and three trailers, and exterior storage not to exceed 1% of parcel size.

Hours of Operation for Levels 2 and 3 are from
7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
No more than one level 2 or level 3 home based businesses shall be allowed on a property.

All Signage and Parking shall be in accordance with Part 7 and Part 9 of the Land Use Bylaw.

Development permits for home-based businesses are issued to the owner or occupant of the property, are non-transferable between business owners and/or properties and lapses when the owner or occupant moves away

I want to start a business—what do I do?

Check your land use district to confirm the level of business that is allowed on your property and whether your proposed business complies with the restrictions imposed.

Submit a completed home-based business development permit application to Current Planning and Development Services.

Ensure that all items on the checklist are provided as part of your submission to Sturgeon County.

 What if my business exceeds what is allowed for Level 3?

You are encouraged to call Sturgeon County’s Economic Development department to determine an appropriate location elsewhere in the County to operate your business.

Passenger Vehicle means a vehicle which is considered to require a Class 5 driver's license.
Commercial Vehicle means a vehicle which includes a multi-axle vehicle or trailer, used in relation to a home based business
Commercial Trailer means a non-motorized vehicle towed by a motorized vehicle. It is commonly used for the transport of goods and materials related to a home-based business

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