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Infrastructure Master Plan


As a vibrant member of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, Sturgeon County is expected to face continued growth pressure within key industrial and residential areas of the County. The organization will be better positioned to accommodate this growth through the proactive planning of key infrastructure required to support the anticipated development.

Growth pressure is projected within Sturgeon County’s key development nodes such as the Industrial Heartland, the county’s light industrial areas, Sturgeon Valley, Villeneuve Airport & surrounding community, as well as several hamlets. Enabling efficient growth in these areas requires readily available access to infrastructure, as well as ensuring the capacity of infrastructure to accommodate projected increases in demand.

Purpose of the Infrastructure Master Plan

The Infrastructure Master Plan will enable Sturgeon County administration and developers to plan for growth through timely and streamlined infrastructure investments. Land use and infrastructure planning will become more integrated and all stakeholders will have a better understanding of the capability/requirements of the County’s infrastructure network to accommodate future growth. This will reduce the uncertainty around infrastructure to proposed developments, and potentially further encourage investors to explore the numerous development opportunities that exist in Sturgeon County.

Scope of the Infrastructure Master Plan

The Infrastructure Master Plan will focus on key linear infrastructure components including water, wastewater, stormwater, and transportation/road systems. The Master Plan will examine the effects of potential growth scenarios on each component of infrastructure and explore solutions to any deficiencies encountered.


Council endorsed Sturgeon County's Infrastructure Master Plan to be used as a key infrastructure planning input for the community under Motion 338/19 on September 10th, 2019. Click here to view the document.