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Recreational Vehicle Storage Facility

What is a Recreational Vehicle Storage Facility?

A use of land where recreational vehicles as well as boats and all off-highway vehicles are stored outdoors on a parcel on a commercial basis. This use does not include a campground or outdoor storage of other items.

Can I develop a Recreational Vehicle Storage Facility on my property?

This use is only listed in the Industrial and Hamlet Reserve Districts. If your property is not listed as one of these districts you will be required to redistrict the land or a portion of land to be utilized. Once redistricting is approved by Council, then you may apply for a development permit for the facility. Please contact Current Planning and Development Services for more information on re-districting.


What will I be required to provide with my development permit application?

Careful planning must be taken to ensure that the facility will not impose any safety hazard or drainage issues to neighbouring parcels. In order to address this, Sturgeon County requires that a practicing professional engineer draft all drawings and plans for the facility. The detailed proposed plans will include but are not limited to:

  • proposed site plan indicating the parking layout, entrances/exits, fencing and/or screening, landscaping, lighting and other proposed services such as a dump station;
  • pre-development survey indicating the existing contours of the land and drainage patterns;
  • storm water management and site grading plan to address how the property will drain during wet weather events, and
  • a letter of intent detailing the hours of operation and day to day operations of the facility.

Other things to consider when planning to develop a Recreational Vehicle Storage Facility

If your land is within a ½ mile (800m) of a highway, you will require a Roadside Development Permit from Alberta Transportation prior to providing an application to Sturgeon County.

Depending on the number of units being stored, a Traffic Impact Assessment may be required. This assessment determines how the proposed development will affect the roads and if any road improvements will be required to accommodate the facility.

A Road Use Agreement with Sturgeon County’s Transportation Services is often necessary during the construction stage which requires a security deposit. This Agreement is to ensure that County roads are kept in a condition that are the same as or better than they were prior to the development.

A security deposit will be required to ensure that the facility is constructed in accordance with the approved plans. A post development grading plan prepared by a practicing professional engineer will need to be provided to the County to demonstrate this and the security deposit would then be refunded.

There are many site-specific matters that may arise such as road type, wetlands, pipelines, servicing, soil quality, size of the facility, etc. which may require that additional information be provided as part of your application.
You are encouraged to contact Current Planning and Development Services to discuss your proposed site.

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