Sturgeon County - Rezoning Land

Rezoning LandRezoning Land

When considering development activity, the proposal must comply with the current Land Use Bylaw. If the proposed development does not fit the activity described within the Land Use Bylaw, the land requires a change or “districting” to allow for that activity. Proposed changes or redistricting of the Land Use Bylaw must reflect the policies of the Municipal Development Plan and any relevant Area Structure Plan. Redistricting land requires Council to give first, second and third reading to the redistricting application. Community input will be asked for during a Public Hearing that is normally scheduled between 1st and 2nd reading. If you have questions, please contact Planning & Development at 780-939-8275.

First Reading

Council reviews the principle of the application and, if satisfied, will ask for the scheduling of a Public Hearing to be held.

Public Hearing

Public Hearings are conducted to identify and address concerns relating to a redistricting application prior to Council giving second reading.

Second Reading

Council reviews the results of the Public Hearing, and if satisfied that all issues have been satisfactorily addressed, will give second reading.

Third Reading

Third reading is only given when Council is fully satisfied that all issues pertaining to the redistricting application have been addressed.  Redistricting Requirements & Application Form