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Where do I start?
First, you need to check your land use district. This will tell you if a secondary suite or a secondary dwelling is allowed in the applicable district. If these uses are allowed in the applicable land use district, you can start thinking about putting your application together.

  • A Secondary Dwelling means a building that entails a second single detached dwelling on a parcel of land.
  • A Secondary Suite is a self-contained dwelling that conforms to the Safety Codes Act and is located within the principal single detached dwelling. A secondary suite can also be a garden suite or a garage suite located on the same parcel as the principal single detached dwelling.



Submit a completed development permit application to Development Services.
Ensure that all items on the checklist are provided as part of your submission to Sturgeon County.
Please allow ample time to go through the application process as these uses are considered Discretionary Uses and neighbor notification is required.

A Secondary Dwelling can only be considered on parcels in the Agriculture land use district and only if the parcel is 32.4ha (80acres) or larger in area. Some of the regulations that apply to Secondary Suites, are the following:

  • Secondary suites are allowed in the Agricultural, Country Residential (R1), Country Estate, (R2), Hamlet Unserviced (R3) and Hamlet Serviced (R4) land use districts. 
  • Garage Suites are not permitted in this Hamlet Serviced district (R4). 
  • Secondary suites must utilize the same water and sewer system as the principal dwelling. 
  • When planning your suite, consider that the suite will need to adhere to the setback regulations of the land use district. 
  • The floor area of a secondary suite shall not exceed the floor area of the main storey of the principal dwelling on the parcel. 
  • A secondary suite shall not be allowed on the same parcel containing a group home (major or minor), day care facility, family day home, farm help accommodation, secondary dwelling, bed and breakfast or home-based business (level 2 or 3). Additional Information It is important to note, that there are province wide standards for the construction of Secondary Suites. These are included in the Alberta Building Code and it would be beneficial to you to read up on the specific building standards for Secondary Suites as part of the planning process. 

For more information on these standards, please contact:
Alberta Municipal Affairs
Public Safety Division 
Fax: 780-427-8686

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