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Public Consultations

▼From 2007 to 2012, Sturgeon County underwent a significant planning process for the Hamlet of Villeneuve. During this process, full-build out contemplated population growth of 5,000 people for the hamlet. The residential growth associated for a community of this size would have prudently required connection to the regional sanitary system. Based upon the REF application that was submitted for the Villeneuve Area Structure Plan, the CRB identified that the regional sanitary investment for Villeneuve was not of a regional priority, and subsequently refused the application. As such, the bylaws behind Sturgeon County’s proposed Villeneuve Area Structure Plan have since expired.

Link to Overview of Previous Public Consultation (2007-2012)


MDP Growth Strategy: Integrated Regional Growth Strategy

▼The Integrated Regional Growth Strategy (IRGS) is a pro-growth development model that builds upon regional partnerships, strategic infrastructure investments and local community assets. Opportunities for growth are identified for the hamlet of Villeneuve and the Villeneuve Airport.

Link to Sturgeon County MDP (2014)


Neighbourhood Role and Strategy: Neighbourhood E and Hamlet of Villeneuve

▼The historic Hamlet of Villeneuve has unique opportunities to build and sustain growth. Traditionally an agrarian community, economic growth within the Hamlet of Villeneuve and surrounding area has grown to include natural resource extraction (gravel aggregate) and the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) Villeneuve Airport. It is important to note that the Sturgeon County MDP (2014) presents a scaled down serviced area for the Hamlet of Villeneuve with capacity to grow to the local infrastructure capacities. This is also building upon the Capital Region Growth Plan, as the Villeneuve Airport is identified as an employment area.

Calahoo-Villeneuve Sand and Gravel Extraction Area Structure Plan (ASP)




Additional Information

 Calahoo-Villeneuve Sand and Gravel Extraction Area Structure Plan

▼ Sand and gravel operations have been in place in the area for more than four (4) decades and remaining deposits are of a high quality and are strategically located with respect to markets. Currently, the Sturgeon County Calahoo-Villeneuve Sand and Gravel Extraction Area Structure Plan (ASP) is the primary planning framework guiding the industry. The ASP provides development and implementation guidelines for efficiently developing the resource in an environmentally responsible manner.

Link to CV ASP


Resource Extraction and Reclamation Tracking

▼Sturgeon County (and its residents) has a direct interest in the extraction of aggregate and the health of the aggregate industry. Sturgeon County has an established and provincially recognized Area Structure Plan governing portions of Neighbourhoods E and A. The Calahoo Villeneuve ASP, in combination with SC MDP (2014) policies, seek to limit the sterilization of the natural resource. In addition, Sturgeon County is aware of the location of gravel and aggregate deposits throughout the area. Development activity proposed within the future Hamlet boundaries will not impact or sterilize the resource, as aggregate deposits are located north of the historical site of Villeneuve.

Link to resource extraction tracking



Residential Parcel Clusters (Neighbourhood E)

▼Due to the potential for land use conflicts, (between the agricultural, aggregate and airport industry and the current and future residential community), it is prudent for Sturgeon County to centralize residential growth from across Neighbourhood E to the existing established Hamlet of Villeneuve.

Link to residential parcel cluster mapping


Local Servicing Capacities

▼In June 2014, Sturgeon County retained the services of Associated Engineering to analyze the existing sanitary and water systems for the hamlet of Villeneuve. An updated servicing concept will consider the optimal plan for integrating Villeneuve Airport expansion plans with potential residential and non-residential land uses for the Hamlet of Villeneuve (not yet determined).


Airport Strategic Planning

Edmonton Regional Airport Authority (ERAA): Villeneuve Airport

▼The winding down of operations at Edmonton City Centre Airport placed renewed importance and opportunity for the Villeneuve Airport. Designated as a “satellite airport” by Transport Canada, Villeneuve has now become the most significant generation aviation airport in the Capital Region. It will be needed for commercial and premium aviation services (including backup air ambulance services to Edmonton International).

▼ It is important to note that Sturgeon County does not have any jurisdiction on any aeronautical matters on the Villeneuve Airport lands (as this is regulated by the Aeronautics Act). Aeronautical matters relates to anything integral and essential for aeronautical use. For any non-aeronautical related developments (such as hangars), development permits are required. ERAA is required to enter into agreements with Sturgeon County for services they require (such as wastewater services).

Link to EIA Villeneuve Airport webpage


Information Sessions

Community Open House 01


Date: November 20, 2014

▼The intent of this information session was to inform residents and stakeholders of the forthcoming Area Structure Plan process for the Hamlet of Villeneuve and the Villeneuve Airport.

Link to Presentation and Information Packet


Stakeholder Open House

Date: Friday, December 5, 2014 (by invite only)

Where: Sturgeon County Centre

Time: 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

▼As detailed with the Sturgeon County Municipal Development Plan, Sturgeon County recognizes the importance of the Villeneuve Airport as a regional asset and is committed to consulting with the Capital Region Board member municipalities and stakeholders regarding its growth potential. As such, Sturgeon County administration will be hosting a stakeholder information session to inform stakeholders of the forthcoming Area Structure Plan process for the Hamlet of Villeneuve and the Villeneuve Airport.

Link to Presentation and Information Packet (coming soon)


Define Strategy

In January 2015, Sturgeon County will be developing several land use development strategies for both Hamlet lands and Airport lands. This will be supported by various servicing strategies scenarios and associated costs. The updated land use development concepts will be revisiting the previously contemplated planning boundaries; with the capacity for growth to be based upon local servicing capacities.

These scenarios will be presented to the public and stakeholders at Community Open House 02

Community Open House 02

Date: Wednesday, March 11

Time: 7:00 pm.

The session will be an open-house format, with a number of stations displaying information. A formal 15 minute presentation will occur at 7:00pm and representatives from Sturgeon County will be on hand to provide information, answer questions and go through presentation boards.

Link to Information Packet

Link to Display Boards

Draft Area Structure Plan and Develop Servicing Strategy

In April 2015, Sturgeon County will be developing a draft Area Structure Plan for the hamlet of Villeneuve. This will be supported with a servicing strategy that considers both the Airport and Hamlet lands.

A draft version of the ASP will be posted on the website once available.



Any subsequent revisions to the ASP will be posted on the website once available.


It is expected that the formal Area Structure Plan Adoption process will start in May 2015.

Review and Evaluate

Formal Approval Process