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Dog Licensing

All Sturgeon County dog owners who reside in all multi-lot subdivisions and hamlets are required to obtain a dog license. 2019 Dog Licences are available at a cost of $20.00 for neutered males and spayed females OR $30.00 for unneutered males and un-spayed females.

Due to the change in 2016, you will not receive a new tag; you will simply renew your licence. Call 780-939-4321 to purchase/renew your dog license with your credit card or visit County Centre and pay in-person. The dog licence application form is available here: Dog Licence Form. or at Sturgeon County Centre.

Why does your dog need a licence?

The most important reason your dog should have a licence is so that if he goes missing, you have a higher chance of being reunited. As long as the dog is licenced and is wearing his tag, he is identifiable. In addition, if you fail to license your dog, you could face an "unlicensed dog" fine ($100). 

Why do you have to pay a dog licensing fee?

The licensing fee enables Animal Control to provide necessary services. Animal Control Officers enforce the dog control bylaw to ensure all residents are adhering to the Bylaw 1352/15 which keeps members and dogs in the community safe. Animal Control Officers respond to calls from residents which include requests for help with animals, dangerous animals, animals in distress, and/or complaints. Officers have the ability to write tickets and lay charges that require a pet owner to appear in court.



Sturgeon County Animal Control Officers make every effort to identify dogs using tags on their collar, microchip, or tattoos. If the dog cannot be identified, it is brought to the Edmonton Humane Society.

The Edmonton Humane Society is located at:
13620 163 St. NW, Edmonton, Alberta
Phone: 780-471-1774

Dog Bylaw 1352/15

Dog Bylaw 1352/15 was amended on November 10, 2015, to allow potential provisions for Sturgeon County Council to designated certain areas as “off-leash areas”. No areas in Sturgeon County have yet been designated as off leash. The Bylaw applies to all multi-lot subdivisions and hamlets within Sturgeon County. Every resident being the owner of a dog residing in all multi-lot subdivisions and hamlets, is now required to obtain a license by applying through the County office.

Vicious Dogs

Bylaw 1352/15 now includes stricter guidelines for owners of dogs that are deemed “Vicious”, including mandatory confinement, control, signage, and licensing.

Nuisance Dogs

All Sturgeon County dog owners now face an offence and possible fine for allowing their dog to be a “nuisance”. Under Bylaw 1352/15. Fines under this section range from $300 to $1,000.

Nuisance and Vicious Dog guidelines apply to all dogs in Sturgeon County.

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