Animal Control Bylaw

Animal Control BylawAnimal Control Bylaw


Protective Services is updating the Animal Control regulation in Sturgeon County.
The proposed Animal Control Bylaw 1508/20 intends to:

  • regulate the keeping of livestock, poultry or fowl and related activities, including urban hens;
  • provide guidelines for the quantity of animals allowed and where they may be kept; and
  • ensure the safety, health, and welfare of people and animals in accordance with the Animal Health Act.

Please note: The proposed Animal Control Bylaw 1508/20 does not affect dogs (see Bylaw 1352/15) or cats. (

View the proposed Animal Control Bylaw:  Click here

Tell us what you think before August 25

We welcome residents’ feedback on the proposed bylaw prior to presenting to Council for Second Reading in fall 2020.

  • Email the Enforcement Services Supervisor:
  • Phone the Enforcement Services Supervisor 780-939-8418 or Protective Services Manager/Fire Chief Mahoney at 780-939-8411.

Council gave First Reading on June 30, 2020. Once approved at Third Reading, the Animal Control Bylaw 1508/20 will replace Bylaw 952/02.