Sturgeon County - CAER UPDATE Line

CAER Update LineCAER Update Line

Community Awareness Emergency Response (CAER)

The Northeast Region Community Awareness Emergency Response (NR CAER) created the UPDATEline and Call-out System. Sturgeon County is a member of NR CAER.


The UPDATEline can be called toll-free at 1-866-653-9959 and is designed for residents to call on the status of current industrial site activities they are curious about.

Call-out System

The automated call-out notification system allows industry and municipal members of Northeast Region CAER to notify residents of a more serious incident in their immediate vicinity.

We encourage residents, especially those living in the Fort Saskatchewan area, to verify their contact numbers and addresses to improve the accuracy of the Call-out System.

Help us reach you in case of a serious incident, by confirming your contact information at the NR CAER. For more information you can view informative videos here ->