Sturgeon County - Community Standards Bylaw

Community Standards BylawCommunity Standards Bylaw

Community Standards Bylaw

Protective Services has proposed a Community Standards Bylaw for Sturgeon County. This Bylaw is intended to regulate the activities of people in public places and on privately owned property, promoting safe, enjoyable and reasonable use of property for the benefit of all residents of Sturgeon County and its visitors, dealing with noise control, unsightly properties, vehicles and more.

This Bylaw affects lands districted “Residential” (i.e. R1 – R6 multi-lot subdivisions and hamlets) and does not include Agricultural zoned land, with the exception of noise control, which shall apply to all of Sturgeon County in accordance with Sturgeon County’s Land Use Bylaw.

The first reading of the Community Standards Bylaw took place on September 10, 2019. The second reading took place June 16, 2020 and the third reading will take place August 25, 2020.   

Click on the link below to review the proposed bylaw:

 Proposed Community Standards Bylaw for third reading

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