Crop Residue Burning - 2017

With the immense challenges of extremely wet conditions, 2016’s growing season has brought various harvesting issues to the farming communities of Alberta including the municipality of Sturgeon County. Crop residue burning has been brought forward and discussed in conjunction with the Sturgeon County Agricultural Services Board. Although not normally permitted under Sturgeon County’s current burning bylaw; given the circumstances and limited options, Sturgeon County Emergency Services are willing to accommodate such requests if the land owner burning can do so safely and comply with the Sturgeon County Burning Bylaw.


Sturgeon County Emergency Services will grant a special one-time burn permit for crop residue management beginning March 20, 2017. These permits will be valid for the specified period and are intended for the Spring of 2017 only. Circumstances of the permits being issued will be as follows:

  • Those considering crop residue burning must obtain a Sturgeon County fire permit before commencing any burning;
  • Fire permits for the purpose of crop residue burning will only be issued by a member of Sturgeon County Emergency Services;
  • An onsite inspection is to be conducted by a member of Sturgeon County Emergency Services BEFORE receiving permit;
  • Burn site should have the perimeter disc prior to, at least two widths/passes approx. 30/40 feet; and
  • Fires must be monitored and our office notified before any fires are ignited.

In the event of a fire restriction or fire ban, all active permits would be suspended effective immediately.


The permit recipient will be required to adhere to all applicable conditions set out in the permit and comply with all sections of the Sturgeon County burning bylaw, Bylaw 1375/16. To view the full version of the Sturgeon County Burning Bylaw, Bylaw 1375/16 visit To arrange for a permit or should you have any further questions or concerns please contact Sturgeon County Emergency Services at 780-939-8411.