Off-Highway Vehicles

Off-Highway Vehicles

Out of respect for your neighbours, all off-highway vehicle operators must obtain permission from the property owner before traveling on private property.Traveling on private property without the owner's consent could result in damage to their property.

For your safety, off-highway vehicle operation is restricted to 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight, with a maximum speed limit of 30 km per hour. When operating an off-highway vehicle, please keep in mind that our county enforces the following:

Effective December 14, 2004, the operation of off highway vehicles are banned from the Sandy Lake Wilderness area, Cardiff Park and Sturgeon Valley area (extending from Highway 2 east to Highway 28 and Highway 37 south to the city limits).

Operators must:

  • wear a safety helmet (and passenger)
  • hold a valid operators license
  • travel only on the extreme right hand portion of the road, in single file;
  • not travel on roads where signs prohibit travel

Off-Highway vehicles must have:

  • proper registration and insurance according to the Off Highway Vehicle Act
  • one working headlight and taillight.


Alberta Highway Vehicle Association