Sturgeon County - Inspection FAQs

Inspections FAQInspections FAQ

If you have recently purchased a property in Sturgeon County you would have received a sales verification form in the mail. Most municipalities in Alberta use sales verification forms to ensure that all properties which sold have the correct data and to help assessors determine if the sale represents a true market value transaction. The sales data gathered will become part of the analysis that determines assessed values for similar properties in the various areas of the county.

If you received a Request for Information form in the mail your property is either part of the current years 5 year cyclical plan, or you have recently purchased a property in Sturgeon County. Sturgeon County maintains a five year inspection cycle for all properties in its inventory in order to conform to provincial assessment standards. The five year re-inspection cycle ensures that property information held by Sturgeon County is as current as possible, and helps to ensure equitable assessments for all its residents.

• A re-inspection of a property will result in assessment changes if there is a change in the property that affects value (for example, a new garage, renovations or additions to the home).

• Any changes to the assessment of the re-inspected property will typically be reflected in the tax year after the re-inspection was conducted.