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Road Use Agreements

What is a Road Use Agreement?

Road Use Agreements (RUA) help protect roads now and, in the future, and allow a municipality to impose specific conditions for the use of roadways based on the Municipal bylaw. With 1,800 km of roads within Sturgeon County, there is a significant investment in road infrastructure.

RUA’s help to ensure that companies are aware of road conditions and reduces the Sturgeon County’s liability by ensuring that the responsible party bears the cost for damaged roads.

Road Use Agreements are required for hauling activity that create heavy traffic with the potential of causing damage to County roads. Sturgeon County monitors these roads and ensures that Road Use Agreements are enforced to prevent problems that arise from road damage. When roadways are susceptible to damage, road bans or road closures may be used to prevent further damage and to correct unsafe situations.

The following are examples of businesses that may require Road Use Agreements:

  • Concrete Pumpers
  • Gravel Trucks
  • Industrial
  • Infilling (haulers of various soils; clay, topsoil, marginal soil)

Farmers do not require Road Use Agreements. 

A Road Use Agreement Application is required to begin the process, click here.  For more information please contact Roger Bergley, RUA Coordinator at 780-939-8256 or