Highway 825 Road Widening and Service Road Access Rge Rd 225

Highway 825 Road Widening and Service Road Access Rge Rd 225


Division 1

This summer, Alberta Transportation is widening the roadway of Highway 825, adding a service road at TWP 225 and adjusting connection points along Highway 825 from RGE RD 225A, 225 and TWP RD 552 North to TWP RD 553.

The impact to traffic should be minimal. There will be a one-week period where traffic is limited to a single lane along Highway 825. Temporary traffic signals will be installed between Range Road 225 and Range Road 224A. The signal timing will be adjusted to accommodate the increase in traffic volumes during the a.m. and p.m. rush hours.

Scope of Work:

  • Includes the construction of a south service road at Range Road 225
  • Intersection improvements at Range Road 224A and Township Road 552
  • The existing two-way stop sign at Boysdale Road will be removed because the realignment of Highway 825 allows for that intersection to be free flowing 
  • New service road will also be constructed from the existing Sturgeon Drive (Sturgeon Industrial Park) and connecting to Highway 825 at Township Road 553

Duration: Tentatively October 2021

This project is being managed by the Province of Alberta. Questions can be directed to Alberta Transportation at (780) 963-5711 or Alberta 511.


Questions?  Contact Chris Pullen, Senior Industrial Engineering Officer, at 780-939-1319, or by email: cpullen@sturgeoncounty.ca.  


Project Update

August 30, 2021

This project is now complete and final inspections are underway.

With the improvements made to Highway 825 the posted speed limit has been increased to 100 km/hr from 80 km/hr. Signs will be posted to inform drivers.

Note: There are currently speed reductions in place at the At-Grade rail crossing at the CN Tracks and Highway 825. There is some outstanding work and timelines for this completion have not been provided by CN.


Highway 825 Road Widening and Service Road Access Rge Rd 225