Miro-Surfacing Excelsior Road and Dreamnook Estates

Miro-Surfacing Excelsior Road and Dreamnook Estates


Division 5

Approximately 8.32 km of road will be micro-surfaced.

- 5.75 km on Excelsior Road

- 1.9 km within Dreamnook Estates.


Cost: A total of $690,000 is budgeted for the project, which includes all four locations:

  • Division 1: Subdivision of Noroncal, 1.69 km (Entire subdivision)
  • Division 3: Calahoo, 2.57km (Range Road 275 and Lac Ste. Anne Trail)
  • Division 5: Excelsior Road, 5.75km (Highway 28 to Benjamin Road)
  • Division 5: Dreamnook Estates, 1.9km (Entire subdivision)


Impact to Residents:

There will be traffic disruptions with lane closures and parking restrictions. One lane of traffic will be maintained during construction, but short-term full road closures may also be required. 

Please do not park along the roadway. 

You can drive on the road two to three hours after it has been treated. The product should be dry within 72-hours of the work being completed.

Construction schedules are weather-dependent and may change without notice.


What is Micro-surfacing?

Micro-surfacing is the application of a special coating to the top layer of asphalt.

Learn more about the micro-surfacing process here.


Project Update

August 2021

The project is complete.

Miro-Surfacing Excelsior Road and Dreamnook Estates