Sturgeon Road East to Hwy 28 - Lignin Trial

Sturgeon Road East to Hwy 28 - Lignin Trial


Division 1

Pavement preservation treatment is planned for 3.1 km along Sturgeon Road East to Hwy 28. 

The mill and fill process involves removing the existing road surface by milling it out to a depth of 40 - 65 mm with a milling machine and then applying new hot mix asphalt on top of the road's surface. 


Lignin-Modified Asphalt Trial

Sturgeon County is proud to participate in this innovative trial using lignin, a natural by-product of wood in the pulp making process, to replace some of the bitumen used in the asphalt mix. 

On August 26, 2021, approximately 500 m of Sturgeon Road East was paved with the lignin-modified asphalt mix, while the remainder was paved with conventional hot-mix asphalt. During the trial, the lignin-modified asphalt laid down exactly as it should, and there was no difference between it and the conventional asphalt in terms of workability. However, the lignin product did have a slight odour of burnt wood when it arrived on site.

Now, the road will be monitored to see how the product performs during the wide temperature swings and the extreme cold experienced in the area. 

This project demonstrates Sturgeon County's commitment to environmental sustainability. We have undertaken several initiatives to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and reduce our environmental footprint. We see the value of participating in trials like this to help bring new and innovative solutions to market.

Learn more about the lignin-modified asphalt project by FP Innovations: Lignin from Canadian forests: the secret ingredient for greener roads


This project was funded in part by Emissions Reduction Alberta.

In partnership with FPInnovations, the City of Edmonton, West Fraser and Park Paving



Project Update

October 29, 2021

Paving is complete. 

October 22, 2021

Construction is underway with the work about 50% complete. 

October 15, 2021

Crews have started milling the surface of the road.

October 8, 2021

Scheduled for completion by October 31, 2021.

October 1, 2021

Scheduled for completion by October 31, 2021.

September 24, 2021

Current status: Construction work on the Pavement Preservation program is anticipated to start the week of October 4, 2021, with crews travelling to work sites in the following order:

  1. Green Acres
  2. Manor Estates
  3. Upper Viscount
  4. Sturgeon Road East
  5. Twp Rd 554
  6. Benjamin Road
September 2021

The second part of this project is expected to start on October 27, 2021, and is expected to take 10 days to complete. 

Note that on August 26, 2021, approximately 500 m of the roadway was resurfaced with the Lignin-modified asphalt paving trial.

August 2021

The tender has closed and the contract has been awarded. 

Construction is scheduled to begin on September 25, 2021, and will be complete by October 2021.

Sturgeon Road East to Hwy 28 - Lignin Trial