What is the Local Roads Program?

What is the Local Roads Program?



The Local Roads Program was developed in 2019 and is part of the County’s long-term asset management plan. It is an annual program that helps the County make the best possible investment decisions to protect and preserve our roadways. 

Roads classified as a ‘local road’ typically service local acreages, farmsteads, and small subdivisions. They are narrow gravel roads with one lane of traffic and have fewer than 200 vehicles driving down them each day.  These roads are part of the existing infrastructure and are not built to the same standards as today. The Local Roads Program allows the County to maintain and rebuild these roads to meet current standards.

Each year, the County budgets money for the Local Roads Program to stabilize, regrade, and reconstruct selected roads. Roads are chosen using a formula with five metrics. The projects with the highest need are prioritized for work.

Five (5) metrics used to prioritize road projects are:

  1. Transportation (Condition) Score – 30%,
  2. Traffic Volumes – 40%,
  3. Connectivity – 15%,
  4. Strategic / Master Plan Alignment – 5%, and
  5. Economic Support – 10%

The County regularly monitors and evaluates the condition of the road network to ensure work is happening where it is needed most.  This strategy of actively monitoring the roads works better than a fixed maintenance schedule because not all roads experience the same wear and tear each year, resulting in some areas needing work more often.

Here are the 2022 Local Roads Program construction projects.