Let's Talk Roads

You spoke, we listened!

 In 2016, many Sturgeon County residents participated in the “Let’s Talk Roads” public engagement campaign which provided the opportunity to gather feedback from residents through a survey and public meetings.

The campaign timeline looked like this:

  • Survey Mail Out – in mail boxes by May 25
  • Roads 101 – County Connections Spring Edition (May)
  • Roads 101 - Weekly FYI April 12 - May 24 Let’s Talk Roads
  • Public Meetings: Villeneuve May 25 & Gibbons May 31
  • Survey Submission Deadline: July 15 (1800+ received)
  • Survey Results presented to Council: September 13
  • Transportation Operations Presentation: September 27

Main themes based on resident feedback were:

  • Gravel Road Maintenance
  • Industrial / Heavy Traffic
  • Resident Communication and
  •  Alberta Transportation Projects

A Sustainable Roads Improvement Strategy (SRIS) project was initiated to improve gravel and hard surface road maintenance practices. A condition assessment of every road in Sturgeon County has been completed and this valuable data was used to determine focus areas for improvement.

What does this mean for residents?

 Sturgeon County has initiated $80 Million in road improvements to be constructed over 2017 to 2019. There will be no tax increase to undertake this initiative.

As part of the 2017 Capital Budget, Council approved a workplan to increase both the rehabilitation of existing roads, and paving of new roads as revenue from the Northwest Sturgeon Refinery becomes available as early as 2018.

Enhanced gravel road maintenance improvements and an extensive Operator Training Program are key elements of the 2017 work commitments.

In November, Council committed to a ten-year plan to reconstruct 128 km of local gravel roads by way of external contractors. Sturgeon County is prioritizing roads for reconstruction based on criteria that considers condition, traffic, and maintenance costs.

Transportation and Engineering Services are also addressing road improvement items related to road side brushing, sightlines at dangerous intersections, bridge maintenance and replacement, and legacy drainage issues.

We thank you again for participating in the “Let’s Talk Roads” survey and public meetings. Please watch this page and Twitter regular project updates in the Weekly FYI and online at sturgeoncounty.ca.