Sturgeon County - Utility Services FAQ

Utility Services FAQsUtility Services FAQs

Please contact Sturgeon County Utility Services at 780-939-8254 to setup your water and or sewer services. To setup an account with power and gas you would need to contact your Utility provider for your respective area.

Your water meter is typically located in the basement of your home, usually found in the utility room or near your hot water tank.

Sturgeon County will locate your water and sewer valve on your property, but we are unable to locate utility lines on private property.

It is sometimes necessary that Sturgeon County employ water demand measures to conserve water for essential use (i.e. drinking water). Odd and Even watering refers to non-essential water (like watering your lawn) when your house number aligns with the particular day (i.e. if you have an address with an even number) you would be able to water your lawn on an even day.

There maybe an number of reasons as to why your water bill might be abnormally high, leaky toilets or faulty irrigation systems can result in major water loss, which could equate to a high water bill. It is recommended to keep an eye on your water meter, if it is continually turning when you know water isn’t be used in the home, this might indicate that you have a leak. If you need assistance understanding your utility bill, or have questions, please contact Utility Services at 780-939-8291.

At this time, no agreement will be issued in Cardiff to store holiday trailers until a policy has been approved by council.