Sturgeon County - Utility and Waste Management Services

Utility and Waste Management ServicesUtility and Waste Management Services


The Utility and Waste Management Services department provides reliable, quality water and waste-water systems while ensuring that all utilities infrastructure meets current standards.

Private well water testing

Sturgeon County residents wanting to ensure quality of their well water are able to take advantage of a free well-water testing service.

Find the nearest testing site by clicking here.

For more information you can contact Alberta Health Services at 780-735-1800.

Utility Services FAQsUtility Services FAQs

Please contact Sturgeon County Utility Services at 780-939-4321 to setup your water and or sewer services. To setup an account with power and gas you would need to contact your Utility provider for your respective area.

Your water meter is typically located in the basement of your home, usually found in the utility room or near your hot water tank.

Some rural residents may have a meter vault that is located on or near your property where the water meter is housed.

The water meter transmitter is located on the exterior of your home / building that the water meter is located within.

Sturgeon County will locate your water and sewer valve on your property, but we are unable to locate utility lines on private property.

It is sometimes necessary that Sturgeon County employ water demand measures to conserve water for essential use (i.e. drinking water). Odd and Even watering refers to non-essential water (like watering your lawn) when your house number aligns with the particular day (i.e. if you have an address with an even number) you would be able to water your lawn on an even day.

There maybe an number of reasons as to why your water bill might be abnormally high, leaky toilets or faulty irrigation systems can result in major water loss, which could equate to a high water bill. It is recommended to keep an eye on your water meter, if it is continually turning when you know water isn’t be used in the home, this might indicate that you have a leak. If you need assistance understanding your utility bill, or have questions, please contact Utility Services at 780-939-8291.

At this time, no agreement will be issued in Cardiff to store holiday trailers until a policy has been approved by council.

Sturgeon County’s number one priority is the health and safety of its residents and employees and is committed to maintaining essential services during this unprecedented time. Sometimes this will mean our workers require onsite access to your property. In the event the service requires our workers to enter a residence or other occupied structure you will be asked the following questions when you schedule the service:

  • Have you travelled outside of Canada and returned within the last fourteen (14) days? (Yes/No)
  • Is anyone in your household/business experiencing any COVID-19 Symptoms? (Yes/No)
    • cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat
  • Have you attended any mass gatherings, public recreational, private entertainment facilities, visitations to long-term care or other continuing care facilities in the last 14days? (Yes/No)

In the event you require onsite services from any of our team members, we ask that you:

  • Respect designated work zones / restrictions. (i.e.: signage)
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres away from all workers/people at the location.
  • Refrain from shaking hands – our workers will gladly receive a wave and a smile!
  • Refrain from passing “goods” (i.e. documents, products, snacks) of any kind to our workers.

Do you understand and agree to abide by the protocols LISTED ABOVE during the period our workers are performing their tasks at your location? (Yes/No)

We understand that these measures may feel awkward, especially for a close-knit community like ours, know that we appreciate your abiding by these guidelines.

The cleaning and inspection program keeps the sewer system operating efficiently by:

  • helping prevent blockages and backups
  • removing built-up debris, such as tree roots, grease, grit and sand
  • determining the condition of the sewer so we can anticipate repair or replacement as necessary

Yes. Occasionally during cleaning and inspection, air pressure in the sewer can cause water to splash out through toilets, sinks and drains. Take the following precautions to prevent water damage in your home:

  • Close the lids on all toilet bowls when not in use.
  • Insert drain plugs in all sinks and bathtubs when not in use.
  • Remove all floor mats in bathrooms.
  • Place an old towel around the base of toilets.
  • If you have a float plug in your floor drain or a backwater valve installed in your house, ensure that it is free of debris and operating properly.
  • Wrap the cover of your basement floor drains with thick plastic (i.e., a freezer bag). Place something heavy over the floor drains to keep the plastic-covered floor drain covers in place.

  • Flushing of the sanitary sewer system in Cardiff and Sturgeon Valley takes place annually, usually starting in June and continuing for 1-2 months.
  • Sturgeon County has a variety of methods to notify area residents which may include a notice in your utility bill, a Utility Alert via email for subscribers, social media and/or neighbourhood signs.
  • Click to Subscribe to Utility Alerts and Utility E-billing.

Sometimes the sewer cleaning and inspection leaves an odour in the home. If so, run some water down the sink and bathtub drains, flush the toilets, pour a pail of water into each basement floor drain, and open the windows. After a short time, the odour should disappear.