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Frequently Asked Questions

The typical life of a meter is up to 20 years, and they eventually need to be replaced. Also, advances in metering technology make it easier and more efficient to obtain readings.

To ensure timely completion, you must call to book an appointment within 2 weeks after receiving your information notice. An adult at least 18 years of age must be home at all times during the installation.

There is no charge for the water meter or the replacement of the meter.

As part of the metering contract, you (or anyone in your household) are not allowed to install your own meter, even if the individual is a licensed plumber. Neptune is responsible for performing all installations.

Every authorized Neptune technician will be uniformed and carry identification including name, picture and identification number.

Sturgeon County Utilities Department is responsible for any future water meter maintenance, provided you, the owner, take reasonable precaution to prevent any damage to it. It is illegal to tamper with the water meter.

Customers wishing to opt out of the Neptune radio transmitter installation will be allowed to do so. By opting out of the R900 radio transmitter installation, the customer will be required to phone in water meter readings every second month (bi-monthly), and allow access by a Sturgeon County Technician, who can verify the meter reads.

The cost to call in meter readings is $20 bi-monthly, as per the Fees and Charges Bylaw. Opting out of the meter radio transmitter, still requires the new Neptune water meter as per bylaw 932/02.

The County recognizes that some folks will be on vacation at through the meter installation program, not to worry, Neptune will be able accommodate you even after they have moved into another hamlet. The project is expected to go for three months.

During the pilot project in 2018/2019, some homes have received new Neptune meters, Neptune will still need access to ensure the meter and a new radio transmitter are installed.