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Customer Account Information

The Utilities Services department maintains over 2,400 water & wastewater customers. In order to provide timely service, the following information is needed when setting up an account with the County:

  • possession date
  • name
  • mailing and service address (service address will either be Lot, Block & Plan, municipal address, and subdivision name (if applicable)
  • phone number (home and work)

All Sturgeon County residents must adhere to the following by-laws. Please click the following links to access from the document manager.

Sewer Backflow Valves

Homeowners wishing to take measures to protect their homes from potential future sewer back-ups may want to consider the installation of a sewer backflow valve. Please see the backflow valves information sheet for additional information.

Expansion Tanks

The Sturgeon County Utilities department installs backflow preventers on your water line at the time of water meter installation to avoid water flow reversal. This precaution can occasionally cause pressure build up on your plumbing system triggering weak points to break and/or leak. The pressure occurs when water expands in your enclosed system and the increased water volume needs an exit. The best way to reduce this stress on your system is to install an expansion tank. The tank is used to protect your water heating system from excessive pressure and thermal expansion by allowing the excess water to enter the pre-pressurized tank.

For more information please click here.


To apply for water and/or wastewater service please visit the forms page to obtain the appropriate application. Return the form(s) to theUtility Services Department along with payment. Application and connection fees may be paid by credit card, cheque, debit, or cash. Please contact the Utility Services Department at 780-939-4321, if you have any questions.


A deposit of $100 for water service and a $200 deposit for combined water/wastewater service is required if a person is renting a property. Failure to submit the required deposit will result in the disconnection of your water service. Upon full payment of your final billing, a refund cheque of the charged amount will be issued.


Sturgeon County utility customers are billed bimonthly. All utilities customers now have Automatic Meter Readings installed and are no longer required to report their bi-monthly water readings. Any utility account remaining unpaid after the penalty date shall have a penalty of 2.5% added to the outstanding amount. All accounts, which remain unpaid after the 15th day of the month following the due date on your bill, shall be subject to utility service being discontinued. A reconnection fee of $25 plus all outstanding rates or charges must be paid in full before service is restored.

Payment Options

Utility account payments may be made in person during office hours at the County Centre, after office hours by the mail drop-off box located in front of the County Centre, by mail, telephone banking, Automatic Payment Plan, PC banking, or at most Canadian Financial Institutions.

For more information, contact Utilities Services at 780-939-4321 or 1-866-939-9303.