Sturgeon County - Utility Maintenance Programs

Utility Maintenance ProgramsUtility Maintenance Programs

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Water Sampling

Please be advised that Utility Technicians will be out and about collecting water samples in your area. During the warmer months, technicians will need to access your outside taps to collect water samples. Throughout the winter months technicians will need to obtain water samples by coming into your home or business. The reason these samples need to be collected is to ensure that the water Sturgeon County supplies to customers is of the highest quality and safe for consumption.

As the facility operator of the Sturgeon County Water Reservoirs, we are responsible for the day-to-day treatment, distribution and operations of water facilities, and must operate in accordance with the standards set out by Alberta Environment. Technicians will always be clearly identified by a Sturgeon County vehicle and an employee identification badge.

Please be kind and courteous to our technicians when they visit you to collect a water sample.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Private property owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of sanitary and water system components that are on their property, up to and including the connection to the public system. The Utilities Department maintains the public water and wastewater infrastructure within Sturgeon County. This includes sanitary sewer mains, manholes, lift stations, water mains, valves, pumphouses, and other components. The Utilities Department is also responsible for repairing any breaks within the system.

Should an emergency repair be required, the Department will make every effort to notify affected residents of any outages through notifications, signage and advertising.

In order to minimize the number of emergency repairs, the Department performs preventative maintenance including sanitary system flushing and hydrant flushing. A short description of each is shown below. A maintenance schedule for upcoming flushing locations and dates will be posted on the County website accordingly.

Sanitary System Flushing

Sanitary Flushing is a planned preventative maintenance action that occurs annually in Cardiff and in the Sturgeon Valley area, usually in June. Flushing involves a vacuum truck that uses a high pressure water hose to loosen debris and then a vacuum hose to remove the debris. Flushing helps prevent the build-up of material in the system that can lead to sewer backups and can help us determine the condition of the sewer so we can anticipate repair or replacement.

Occasionally during cleaning and inspection, air pressure in the sewer can cause water to splash out through toilets, sinks and drains. Click here for simple precautions to prevent water damage in your home.  

Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant Flushing is a planned preventative maintenance program that is completed in each area annually. Flushing allows the Utilities Department to purge debris and stagnant water from the distribution system. In addition, it allows for the identification of hydrants in need of maintenance and flow testing.