Sturgeon County - Water & Wastewater Rates

COVID-19 Update

Council voted to waive residential penalties on unpaid municipal water and wastewater accounts from March 31 to June 30. Click here for more info



Water Utility

Water - Residential

Fixed charges bi-monthly bill 
Up to 60 m3 
Over 60 m3 
Exception - Legal West Waterline 
Minimum bi-monthly bill 
Over 9 m3 
Exception - Alcomdale Waterline  
Minimum Bi-monthly Bill 
Up to 60 m3 
Over 60 m3 

Water - Commercial, Industrial, Institutional

Minimum bi-monthly bill 
21m3 to 1000 m3 
Over 1000 m3 

Wastewater-Commercial, Industrial, Institutional

Base rate per billing period established on water meter size: 
5/8" to 1" 
1 1/2" to 3" 
4" to 6" 
Commodity Charge 

Wastewater - Residential

Low pressure systems Cardiff/Pittsburg, Northern Lights, Villeneuve, Riviere Qui Barre, Sturgeon Valley, and Villeneuve subdivisions 
Base rate per billing period 
Commodity charge 
Commodity charge – Gravity System(Sturgeon Valley, Cardiff Echoes) 
Not connected to County supplied water, Calahoo and some individual customers 
Flat bi-monthly bill 

Storm Water Rates - Residential

Allin Ridge, Allin Ridge Pointe, Greystone Manor, Pinnacle Ridge, River's Gate, Riverstone Pointe, Tuscany Hills Fixed bi-monthly charge 

Additional Charges

R900 Repair/Replacement 
Meter Install requiring more than two visits (charged for third visit) 
After Hours CC Operation (non-emergency) 
In-House Meter Test 
Meter Replacement (3/4”) 
Meter Replacement (5/8”) 
Hydrant flow testing 
Construction water 
$200 bi-monthly 
Hydrant meter rental 
$50 per week + 3.53/m3 
3rd Party Validation Meter Test 
At cost + GST