Allin Ridge Water Reservoir and Pump Station Upgrades

The Allin Ridge Reservoir is expanding to allow for growth in Sturgeon Valley and to prepare for the potential of providing improved fire protection. The Allin Ridge Reservoir Capital Project will see an addition of 5000m3 of water, essentially doubling its current capacity. During construction, Sturgeon Valley residents and truckfill users will likely experience times of low water pressure and some planned water outages. Sturgeon County will work with the Contractor to ensure water disruptions are minimized and will look to provide notification of any planned water outage. Sturgeon County will look to provide valley residents with notice of any planned outage. Furthermore, It is important to note that water restrictions maybe in place during construction and in times of a water demand management event, all non-essential water use could result in a fine of $250.

For more information, contact the Utilities Department at 780-939-8254.