Sturgeon County Water

Water Truckfill Stations

Allin Ridge54313 Range Road 25050mm (2") Hose "Barrel Fill" / 100mm (4") Hose "Truck Fill"Open
Cardiff14 Mill Road - 25115 Twp Rd 55450mm (2") Hose "Barrel Fill"Open
RedwaterNorth of 48th Avenue & 44 Street25mm (1") "Barrel Fill" // 75mm (3") Hose Truck FillClosed
Riviere Qui Barre400 - 26500 Highway 4450mm (2") "Barrel Fill" / 19mm (3/4") "Bucket Fill" (Coin Only)Open
Summerbrook5 - 25219 Coal Mine Road 50mm (2") Hose "Barrel Fill" / 100mm (4") Hose "Truck Fill"Open
Villeneuve26503 Secondary Highway 63350mm (4") Hose "Barrel Fill" (with reducer for a 2" hose)Open
Sturgeon Industrial Park Truckfill22327 Township Road 552 50mm (2") "Barrel Fill" / 100mm (4") Hose "Truck Fill"Open

Latest Water News & Restrictions


Water Utility

Water - Residential

Up to 60 m3 
Over 60 m3 
Minimum bi-monthly bill 
Over 9 m3 
Exception - Legal West Waterline 
Fixed charges bi-monthly bill 
Exception - Alcomdale Waterline  
Minimum Bi-monthly Bill 
Up to 60 m3 
Over 60 m3 

Water - Commercial, Industrial, Institutional

21m3 to 1000 m3 
Minimum bi-monthly bill 
Over 1000 m3 

Wastewater-Commercial, Industrial, Institutional

Base rate per billing period established on water meter size: 
5/8" to 1" 
1 1/2" to 3" 
4" to 6" 
Commodity Charge 

Wastewater - Residential

Base rate per billing period 
Commodity charge – Gravity System(Sturgeon Valley, Cardiff Echoes) 
Not connected to County supplied water, Calahoo and some individual customers 
Flat bi-monthly bill 
Commodity charge 
Low pressure systems Cardiff/Pittsburg, Northern Lights, Villeneuve, Riviere Qui Barre, Sturgeon Valley, and Villeneuve subdivisions 

Storm Water Rates - Residential

Allin Ridge, Allin Ridge Pointe, Greystone Manor, Pinnacle Ridge, River's Gate, Riverstone Pointe, Tuscany Hills Fixed bi-monthly charge 

Additional Charges

R900 Repair/Replacement 
Meter Install requiring more than two visits (charged for third visit) 
After Hours CC Operation (non-emergency) 
In-House Meter Test 
Hydrant flow testing 
Construction water 
$200 bi-monthly 
Hydrant meter rental 
$50 per week + 3.53/m3 
3rd Party Validation Meter Test 
At cost + GST 
Meter Replacement (3/4”) 
Meter Replacement (5/8”) 

Water Management

During prolonged dry weather events or periods of excessive water consumption, Sturgeon County may implement a Water Demand Management Protocol either County wide or to specific regions of Sturgeon County.
This is to ensure water conservation in our reservoirs for essential water use and fire protection purposes.
During a “Water Demand Management” event, Sturgeon County will look to suspend all non-essential water use. Restricting non-essential water use includes:

  • suspending all hydrant and sewer flushing
  • residential lawn watering
  • street cleaning
  • firefighting training
  • park and recreational area water

Public notification of Water Demand Measures, which includes odd/even water notifications, will be advertised through Sturgeon County by way of roadside signage, letter delivery notices, the website, twitter and other media various media outlets.

During a water ban, the use of non-essential water (i.e. lawn watering) can result in a fine of $250 under Bylaw 1356/15.