Following an SDAB Decision

Published on Jun 15, 2022

You’ve received your decision, now what?

You’ll typically receive the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board’s letter about 15 days after a decision has been made. This decision is FINAL, with no ability to further appeal unless it can be shown that the Board erred in law or jurisdiction. You may appeal the Board’s decision to the Alberta Court of Appeal.
You must apply for leave to appeal a decision of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board within 30 days of the date that the written decision was issued

If your appeal was: GRANTED

This means that the previous decision has now been replaced.

✔️ If your decision was originally refused, it is now approved subject to you fulfilling conditions.

✔️If your decision had originally approved with conditions, the board has now changed one or more of your obligations
(and/or the parcel configuration drawing) using their discretion. Any new or revised approval conditions must be fulfilled within one year if you desire to register the subdivided properties.


If your appeal was: DENIED

This means that the previous decision has been upheld.

✔️ If your application was originally refused, it remains refused.

✔️ If your application was originally approved with conditions
(and based on a particular parcel configuration drawing), all of those
original conditions (and original parcel configuration drawing) remain in effect and must be fulfilled within one year if you desire to register the subdivided properties.

If you wish to register your subdivision

If your subdivision application was approved, the conditions of subdivision approval are your responsibility and may involve tasks such as:

Settling any property tax arrears
County staff will request payment as your final step during an “endorsement” appointment.

Hiring an Alberta Land Surveyor to prepare a survey
To find a surveyor, visit the Alberta Land Surveyor’s Association or phone 1-800-665-2572.

<Dedicating a segment of land to the County/Province for road/highway widening purposes
Surveyors assist when land is required by plan of survey, while County/Provincial staff will prepare land acquisition agreements for your signature.

Hiring a contractor to upgrade existing approaches/culverts to meet modern engineering specifications;
Contact Engineering Services via email or phone – 780-939-1323 –  in advance to discuss the scope of your project.

Signing various caveats/agreements
The County can only prepare such documents after receiving your surveyor’s drawing.

Bringing all affected properties into compliance with current County/Provincial policies;
Contact the County’s Development Technician for assistance with development permits/variances by email or phone 780-939-8275.
Contact a plumbing contractor for assistance with septic system upgrades.
Note: A permit is first required from the County’s agent, Superior Safety Codes (phone 780-939-8276).

Paying various fees (e.g. money in lieu of municipal reserve, new parcel fee, endorsement fee, etc);
County staff will request applicable payments as your final step during an “endorsement” appointment.

Any other conditions determined necessary to satisfy County/Provincial policy;
Check your decision letter, and consult the County’s Planning Technician should you require clarification by sending an email to our Planning Department or phoning 780-939-8275.

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