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Agriculture Resources

The Sturgeon County Agriculture News and Resources is a place to find programs, resources, and services that will benefit producers in our region.

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Agriculture Services

  • Agriculture Programs

    Alberta Farm Safety Programs and Grants
    For farm safety awareness, education and programming to be delivered in diverse ways across Alberta to influence behavioral changes on family farms and the agriculture community.

    Farm Fresh Producers
    Dedicated to supporting the production of farm direct market vegetable crops, fruit, plants, and more.

    With proAction, dairy farmers offer proof to customers that they work to ensure milk quality and safety, and to continually improve animal health and welfare as well as environmental stewardship.

    Verified Beef Production Plus
    Enables beef cattle producers to prove to consumers and retailers that they adhere to the highest standards.

    CanadaGAP is a food safety program for companies that produce, handle and broker fruits and vegetables.

    ALUS helps support agriculture producers with projects that produce ecosystem services on their land. Sturgeon County is proud to offer the ALUS program to our farming residents. To submit a project, click here.

    Results Driven Agriculture Research (RDAR)
    Enables producers to determine priorities and lead agriculture research. The Agriculture Climate Solutions On-Farm Climate Action Fund (OFCAF) is an initiative to help farmers tackle climate change. Contact Sturgeon County Agriculture Services if you would like assistance in an application.

    Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership
    The Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a five‐year (2023-2028), $3.5 billion cost-shared federal-provincial investment towards strategic programs and services for the agriculture and agri-food industry in Alberta. Read more about how Sustainable CAP works.

    Canola Council 4R Advantage:
    Canola 4R Advantage offers incentives to help growers initiate or advance 4R Nutrient Stewardship on canola acres over 2 years (2021-2023). Year Two: cover expenses paid by growers between April 1 2023 and March 31, 2024. Expanding the use of 4R Nutrient Stewardship is an important opportunity to improve fertilizer efficiency, which is good for both farm productivity and our environment. Funding for Canola 4R Advantage is provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Agricultural Climate Solutions – On-Farm Climate Action Fund (OFCAF).

  • Agriculture Resources

    Agsafe Alberta
    Agsafe Alberta develops and delivers farm safety management tools, resources, and programs for Alberta farmers and ranchers

    Gateway Research Organization
    A non-profit, farmer led, applied agricultural research association.

    Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association
    The provincial not-for profit organization established to educate, train and certify industry professionals.

    Soil, forages, and feed testing laboratories
    Services for Agri-Processors and Producers

    Testing Farm Drinking Water
    Online tool to assess quality and suitability of raw water sources for privately owned and operated supplies.

    Farm Machinery Cost Calculator
    This tool allows you to calculate ownership and operating costs of common farm equipment.

    Alberta Seed Guide
    Alberta farmers go-to source of variety and performance information.

    Forage Seed Mixture Calculator
    This calculator will calculate a mix and estimate a seed density for drills or broadcast seedings for any grouping of plant species in the list.

    Beef Cow-Calf Manual
    This manual sets out the basic principles of beef management.

    Alberta Forage Manual
    The Alberta Forage Manual, 2nd Edition, offers producers comprehensive information on a range of forage topics.

    Agricultural Plastics Recycling Group
    The APRG is made up of over 20 organizations representing agricultural producers, retailers, manufacturers, municipalities, non-profits and others.

    Alberta Soil Information Viewer
    Learn about the soils in Sturgeon County through this free tool.

    Alberta Wheat & Barley Seeding Rate Calculator

    Establishing a crop with high yield potential and quality requires sowing seed at ideal rates. Use the calculator below to determine appropriate seeding rates based on various agronomic and seed quality factors.


  • Soil / Water / Air

    Working Well Resources
    Information for private well water owners

    Ducks Unlimited Canada 
    Works to conserve, restore and manage wetlands and grasslands to benefit waterfowl, wildlife and people.

    Land Stewardship Centre
    Focuses their efforts in creating stewards: by improving understanding of healthy ecosystems.

    Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society
    Encouraging sustainable forest management on private lands.

    Environmental Farm Plan
    Helps producers identify their environmental risks and develop plans to mitigate risks.

  • Keep it Clean

    Keep it Clean

    Keep it Clean is a joint initiative of the Canola Council of Canada, Cereals Canada, Pulse Canada and the Prairie Oat Growers Association, providing growers and crop advisers with resources for growing market-ready crops. This includes providing timely updates on potential market risks and resources for on-farm practices to ensure crops meet the standards of domestic and export customers.

Agriculture News