Sturgeon County Tree Program

Sturgeon County has been working hard to build the diversity of our trees and shrubs through incorporating native and hardy plant species. There are many benefits to this landscaping strategy: aesthetically, economically, and environmentally.

There will be more trees for shade and windbreaks, homes for beneficial and native animal species, fire risk reduction and cleaner air. You will love the lushness and the quiet the greenery provides.

2023 Varieties

Seedling prices range from $1 – $5 and are sold in bundles of 3, 6, 10, and 15.

Sturgeon County hosts a shelterbelt/tree establishment workshop annually that helps residents start growing their own trees and shrubs. The workshop for 2023 has been held.

Residents can buy tree and shrub varieties through our tree program. We offer many different varieties to choose from while supplies last. Stay tuned for our 2024 Tree Program in the spring.

Conifer Trees

  • Colorado Spruce
  • White Spruce
  • Black Spruce
  • Ponderosa pine (2 year
  • Jack Pine
  • Lodgepole
  • Swiss stone pine
  • Tamarack
  • Siberian larch

Deciduous Trees

  • White Birch
  • Hybrid poplar
  • Trembling Aspen
  • Green ash
  • American elm



  • Northline Saskatoon
  • Green alder
  • Vilosa lilac
  • Red Osier Dogwood
  • Beaked hazelnut
  • Yellow willow
  • Northern Black Currant (2 year/1L soil block)
  • Silver Buffaloberry (2 year/1L soil block)
  • Gooseberry (2 year/1L soil block)
  • Low Bush Cranberry (2 year/1L soil block)
  • High Bush Cranberry (2 year/1L soil block)