Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management

What is Vegetation Management?

It’s really about keeping on top of any unwanted weeds, branches, or other greenery that can get in the way of infrastructure or take over the vegetation you actually want!

Sturgeon County has created standards when it comes to vegetation management on lands that belong to us.
Vegetation management involves roadside programs to address weed control, grass mowing, re-vegetation (seeding construction projects) and brush control.

Our goal is to limit the spread of noxious and prohibited noxious weeds in an efficient and responsible way, and to make sure we are in compliance with the
Alberta Weed Control Act.

It is important that we control roadside vegetation to:

  • keep drivers safe on the road by keeping good sightlines into the ditch;
  • to preserve the road surface by allowing water to drain; and
  • to prevent the spread of invasive plants and controlled weeds.

Limited Control Area Agreements

Herbicide is sometimes necessary to control noxious and prohibited noxious vegetation on Sturgeon County lands and road allowances.
Landowners/tenants who wish to restrict herbicide applications on municipal lands adjacent to their property can enter into a Limited Control Area Agreement with Sturgeon County.
These agreements are valid for the year that they are issued and must be renewed annually. Landowners/tenants are responsible for all weed and grass control on lands for which their Limited Control Area Agreement applies.
If you have any questions about these agreements, or if you require assistance, contact the Agriculture Services Department at
(780) 939-8349.