Sturgeon County Weed Control

Sturgeon County must make sure public and private properties are in compliance with the Alberta Weed Control Act and our
Community Standards Bylaw.

Each year, Sturgeon County appoints four Agricultural Inspectors.
Their job is to:

  • Educate the public and land owners about regulated weed species
  • Assist landowners in creating a plan to rid their properties of invasive species in the event of an infestation on their property


How Do Weeds Spread?

  • Deliberate spread by humans
  • Accidental spread by humans
    (agricultural produce, construction and landscaping materials, livestock movement, machinery and vehicles and waste disposal)
  • Natural spread
    (spread by birds, other animals, water and wind)

Spot an infestation? Let Us Know!

Throughout the growing season inspectors are available to respond to incoming weed reports or inquiries.
If you’d like to report a weed concern, or to find out which species are regulated under current legislation, you can contact
Agriculture Services at
(780) 939-8349 or send an email.