Animal Control Bylaw

Animal Control BylawAnimal Control Bylaw

On October 27, 2020, Council approved the new Animal Control Bylaw 1508/20, which replaces Bylaw 952/02. The new bylaw:

  • regulates the keeping of livestock, poultry or fowl and related activities, including urban hens;
  • provides guidelines for the quantity of animals allowed and where they may be kept; and
  • ensures the safety, health, and welfare of people and animals in accordance with the Animal Health Act.

Please note: The proposed Animal Control Bylaw 1508/20 does not affect dogs (see Bylaw 1352/15) or cats. 


Urban Hens Information Package

Animal Control Bylaw 1508/20 allows for urban hen keeping. The Urban Hen Keeping Guidelines and Information Package provides an overview of the information contained within the bylaw and is provided for your convenience. Please refer to the bylaw for specific rules and requirements for urban hen keeping.