Advanced Manufacturing

The County is home to a vast array of traditional, chemical and specialty manufacturers poised for substantial growth due to increased regional investment in the agricultural, petrochemical, transportation and logistics industries.

Manufacturing businesses in Sturgeon County are closely linked with other key sectors such as hydrocarbon processing and agriculture. Demand for specialty manufactured metal products such as valves, pressure vessels and other components required for major hydrocarbon processing projects has driven strong growth in the metal fabrication, modular construction and machinery manufacturing sub-sectors.

Sturgeon County also has many businesses involved in producing finished wood, agricultural and food processing products. Most of the manufacturers in the region are small to medium-sized businesses that have found strong demand for their products within traditional resource sectors.

As the local manufacturing industry matures, many opportunities have emerged in chemical manufacturing, recycled rubber and engineered plastics. The County is also seeing interest in bio-based polymers, biodegradable plastics, and carbon-neutral and high-efficiency technologies.

Sturgeon County is interested in expanding the number of value-added opportunities in our County. The County is home to many current and planned primary manufacturing facilities and our staff is interested in developing opportunities to further enhance the value of these products and provide connections to local businesses involved in these industries.

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